Enter the World of Gyptech Spare Parts

Gyptech equipment has countless spare parts and it can sometimes be challenging to identify each and every one. We have heard your struggles and wanted to provide a best in class catalog for you to discover all the parts you need. Getting the right part quickly can make a world of difference for your plant and now you can access this information quickly and get an OEM part at your doorstep more efficiently. The Gyptech Spare Parts Catalog is your answer to the common frustrations and delays you face on the job. Part information is now a click away and will take a fraction of the time to discover parts and drawings. Whether you’re trying to identify a part, find out the correct Gyptech ID number, or find a drawing, our catalog is custom designed to get the answers you need quickly and with added features to improve your day-to-day workflow.

Fast and Efficient

  • Interactive part list and spares drawings that allow for simplified part identification and easier communication
  • Includes an interactive parts table that is easy to navigate
  • Fully functional search and filter options to discover the information you need quickly
  • Search by description, Gyptech ID and critical parts, area or machine
  • After you discover a part you need, use our quote request form to send an RFQ instantly
  • Access from a web browser on your desktop computer or from your mobile device or tablet
  • Use anytime, any place, with internet access
  • If you need to work offline, download drawings and parts lists to PDF in advance


  • We proudly offer the full range of spare parts lists and drawings for your entire gypsum plant
  • Sign up with a personal login and add user accounts for key players at your plant
  • Add helpful notes on each assembly or part for your key players to read

Accurate and Secure

  • Timely updated information so you can rest assured you have the correct details
  • Constantly evolving catalog connected with your latest Gyptech projects
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure optimal security and control

Please reach out to us today for more information, to see a demo or to get enrolled: parts@gyptech.ca or telephone: 905-567-2000

Register Now


How do I register for the catalog?
There are links to the catalog webpage from our website’s Aftermarket and Catalog sections. Once you click the link, a new page will open, at the bottom you will see a registration link. Please use your corporate email for the account and set your password. We will contact you shortly to get you set up.
Can I use my personal email to register for the catalog?
We request that you use your corporate email to access the catalog for safety and security reasons.
How do I log in?
After you have created your account and received an activation email. You can use the link in the email or navigate to our website with the link. Enter your email and password to log into the catalog.
I did not receive my activation link, what do I do?
We may be processing your request or contacting your Catalog Admin for confirmation of access. We apologize for the delay, but you will hear from us within a couple days of registration.
I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
Go to the catalog login webpage, there are links to this on our website in the Aftermarket and Catalog sections. At the bottom you will see a Forgot Your Password hyperlink. Following the steps on that webpage and you’ll get an email with further instructions.
How many accounts can I make for my plant?
There is no limit on how many plant personnel have accounts on the catalog. Every registration request is confirmed with the designated plant admin for safety and security reasons.
How can I learn to use the catalog effectively?
We offer in-depth catalog training, however if you missed that you can see our manual on the catalog site. While you’re logged in, click the link for the manual in the bottom ribbon. This will open a manual that you can use to become familiar with the catalog.
Can I request a quote or place an order through the catalog?
Currently the catalog cannot be used for placing orders, as pricing is not available on the catalog. You can submit quote requests directly though the catalog by using the shopping cart function.