Remote Service Agreement

Starting a support plan creates an account for tracking and processing support requests. This plan eliminates the need to process individual purchase orders for minor modifications, troubleshooting, and technical support. The result is improved efficiency for both organizations and the ability to quickly and efficiently handle these types of requests. Best of all, you will have the confidence of knowing that our remote service will be performed by the same team of skilled and experienced Gyptech engineers that install and comission equipment.

Gyptech can provide expert assistance quickly, conveniently, and securely to assist with many tasks, including the following:

  • Troubleshooting production issues
  • Programming modifications
  • HMI screen modifications
  • Process optimizations
  • Added diagnostics
  • Added reporting tools
  • Performing system maintenance

Some of the benefits of remote service:

  • Rapid issue resolution for less downtime and faster return to full production
  • Keeps your lines running at high efficiency
  • Leverages the experience of Gyptech engineers without the additional overhead of a site visit
  • Remote troubleshooting results in faster resolution if on-site service is ultimately required

Remote Technician

Gyptech engineers can access PLCs, HMI, drives and devices in your plant using a secure remote connection. With this service, Gyptech can provide expert assistance quickly, conveniently, and securely to assist with many maintenance and production issues. 

Service Coach

Through a downloadable app Gyptech engineers can provide real-time expert assistance for maintenance tasks, operational issues and process improvements collaborating via high quality video conferencing. With this service the work is performed by plant personnel, under the guidance of a  Gyptech engineer providing direction on likely causes, suggested fixes, and background knowledge of any process involved.

Secure Connectivity

Depending on the need, your control system can be accessed in cooperation with your existing corporate VPN controls, a Gyptech supplied hardware-based VPN device or through the use of a shared desktop platform such as LogMeIn. Whichever solution you choose your security is one of our top priorities. We are dedicated to providing solutions that provide high levels of data security. We can also design systems with hardwired switches, meaning you are always in control of when your system is accesses. 

  • Secure VPN connections
  • Exclusive outbound connection for high security
  • Two-factor authentication, audit trail, & network segregation
  • Remote access can be controlled (on/off) by end-user with an external key switch

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